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These sites will contain from time to time articles expressing the views and opinions of the different experts on mutual funds, insurance and other financial products which are solely their personal views and opinions and the same do not reflect in any manner the views and/or opinion of the Company. The data and information on various financial products provided on these sites neither is nor intended to be the solicitation for investments in any kind of financial product and the customers using the data and information so provided on the sites must make informed decision about the investments that they want to make based on their personal needs and objectives and the Company shall not be liable in any manner for any investment decision made by the customer on the basis of such data and information.

Prakem Investments does not in any manner endorse the schemes that may be launched from time to time by the mutual funds and the insurance companies the information of which may be posted on these websites from time to time. The data and information placed on the websites is believed to be reliable. However the Company does not endorse the same to be complete or accurate in every respect.

The customers will be using the data and information provided on these websites at their own risks and the same should not be considered as investment advice. The information on various financial products is given only to help the customer in making informed decision to suit his personal needs. However before making investment the customer must exercise his own judgement. Prakem Investments does not endorse the other sites to which the links are or may be provided through www.prakeminvestments.com and/or their contents and/or the owners thereof.

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The online transactions done by the customers will be secured. However the company will not be responsible or liable for any unauthorized use of the online investment facilities of any customer.

The Registrars to the various mutual funds such as Cams, Franklin Templeton, Karvy or such other registrars who may be associated with the Company and the mutual funds provide the reports, transaction details etc. done by the customers using www.prakeminvestments.com. The Company is not in any manner liable or responsible for the sufficiency or accuracy of the information provided by the Registrars in respect of the online transactions done by the customers from the above website from time to time.

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The information contained herein above/enclosed is not the complete presentation of every material fact regarding any Industry/Sector, Equity, Scrip, Shares, Security, Units, Bonds or Mutual funds and is neither an offer for units nor an Invitation to Invest. This communication is sent for information, private circulation only & is meant for use by the recipient only and not for public circulation/reproduction without prior approval. The views expressed by the Sub Broker , PESBL Franchisee, MF Distributor, (KEDAR KULKARNI – ARN0498) are based on current market conditions & is source based on the Good Quality & Highly Researched information duly subscribed & outsourced, as available to us at this point of time. While due care has been taken in compiling this information, the, MF Distributor, Sub-broker (KEDAR KULKARNI – ARN 0498) shall not directly or indirectly be held responsible for losses. (If any). Equity & Mutual Fund Investments are suggested & preferably Invested with a Longer Term Investment view & are subject to Market Risks. No guaranteed/assured returns on any such investments are claimed to be given. Both past performances & returns (yields) may not be a reliable/guaranteed assurance to future performance. According to individual Investors investment objectives, goals, age, risk appetite, risk profile, investment durations, holding period, etc., Asset Allocations may differ. It is suggested & strongly recommended that the Investors, need to discuss their Investment Goals & objectives, Risk appetite, Risk tolerances, Investment period & Time Frame of investments, & understand the Investments Products, they being invested in with the requisite “High Lights & Risk factors” attached to it , etc. with the MF Distributor , Sub Broker, PESBL Franchisee, & also Investors are suggested to take well informed Investment decisions, on own by Reading & Understanding the Offer Documents, Fact Sheets, Research & Information reports, updates, etc. We may have suggested & have Investments in above the Equities/Mutual Funds from our other registered Investors & we may also have our own exposure by investments in few of the above Equities/Mutual Funds.



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