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21 years! Congratulations!
After a very long stint abroad we came back to India in 1998 and settled in Pune. It was important for me to find a good financial adviser to invest my savings. I had no idea about the Indian markets, how they work. An acquaintance told me about Kedar Kulkarni, an aspiring investment adviser at the time who had just started his investment company called Prakem Investments.
Kedar gave me ample time to listen to my financial needs, my goals and gave me a sound advise to build a portfolio. Today after 17years my portfolio has grown many folds. It was possible only because of Kedar's expertise and guidance. He gives you advise to set goals for today, tomorrow and for years to come!
Kedar understands the changing markets, emerging trends through which he helps you to find the right opportunities for your needs. He has a very efficient and dedicated team which has contributed to Prakem's success. To summarize, he is almost like a family doctor when money is the concern!
I fully trust him for loss/ profit management. His timely advice on curtailing losses & maximizing profits has always proved beneficial to my investments & Tax Implications.
He is the best to help you lead a better financial life! I congratulate Kedar and his associates for completing successful 21 years!
With best wishes!
-Mr. Jayant K. Gore-Chartered Accountant

Generally when we think of dealing with any Stock Broker one always tends to be very Alert & Open Eyed. But in last 21 years, I have unique experience when dealing through Prakem. I have always blindly followed their Advice as regards to Investments in Equities & Mutual Funds along with such Investment Products & I have always found their Advice Intellectually Good & Gain full as beyond my expectations. Prakem has always been a Pro-active & Trustworthy to me Professionally-Personally as well.
-Mr.Yashwant Baokar, Retired Individual & HNl Investor

Me & My Wife, Nandini Diwan have been Investing through Prakem for almost 20 years. I have found them Sincere Honest &Committed all these years. I have invested my Earnings & Full Faith in Prakem. I wish them a Grand Success many more years to come & shall always look forward for their Great Progress always in future. My best wishes to Prakem always.
-Professor Anand Diwan

Hi Kedar
Ever since I came to Pune as a Banker in 1994, Prakem Investments are my Investment Advisers on Stocks. Led by Kedar Kulkarni, a very mature, composed and competent young man with a wonderfully committed and friendly team, they have become a part of my extended family than mere Investment Advisers. Prakem has very well adapted to the technological changes in Indian Stock Markets and have also become very Shrewd Market Analysts, giving a very profitable investment tips to clients in the recent past. In short, when one is with Prakem, one is at Total Peace, watching their investments grow very well. I wish them continued glory at this juncture of their completion of 21 years of great service to investors.
-R. SATHYAMOORTHI-Retired Bank Employee

Best wishes for completing 21 years as a broker. You have seen all ups and downs of stock market. Here is message for Investors from me. I have my account for last 15 years with PRAKEM. Why I have chosen PRAKEM? Good Advice, No Speculative Recommendations, always recommends for long term quality advice. If you want to do trading (short term buy sell) Prakem will give well studied advice. And most important is that you are dealing with the owner of the firm and not with employees of a big brokerage firm. Again best wishes for you and your all Investors.
-Prakash Wagaj- Retired Government Employee



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